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Blair Tyler Peters Artist Portrait.jpg

Blair Tyler Peters is an interdisciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, New York.

Blair's practice provides a unique approach to pattern, repetition, and process.  Her work makes visible women and their inner knowing through the creation of an esoteric language in both painting and ceramics. The fragmented shapes and symbols offer clues to the process of “re-membering”, in addition to providing a visual voice and record of silenced women past and present.  Blair’s work can be seen within the context of 1970’s The Women’s Art Movement. 1970’s feminist artists were acutely aware of the artificiality and repressive power of the societal construct of gender. Their goal was to find an authentic voice to serve as a basis for a new and "liberated" female identity.  By giving form to rhetoric through works of art -combining material and cultural history – Blair’s work emphasizes the urgency for women across the globe speak to out for the protection and expansion of their freedoms.  

Blair received her BFA at the University of Virginia and studied Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design.  She has been part of numerous groups shows and was the former owner and head designer of a Landscape Design Company in Marin County, California.


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